Your tummy will be full and your heart also filled by our delicious LUCKY PIERROT menu.
We got first prize for Best Local Burger store in Japan!

Commitment 1

Commitment 1 :
Chinese Chicken Burger
We got first prize of Local Burger store in Japan

Produced and consumed locally. We eat the quality things locally that we produced on this land. In Japanese Kanji, “食”(Shoku) means “eat” but the character is comprised of two components meaning “improve” and “people”. Improving people is also part of our restaurants philosophy.
Lucky Pierrot’s motto is healthy, security, safety but also tasty.

  • ☆Hamburger Favourite Association Gold Award
  • ☆Northern grace love restaurant certification
  • ☆One Village One Item Excellence Award
  • ☆Hokkaido Hokuren Dream Award Excellence Award
  • ☆Trip Advisor Excellence authentication Award
  • ☆CTrip Gourmet List Award
Popularity Number 2

Commitment Number 2 :
Extremely unique! 17 stores in Hakodate city

Creating unique shops with themes that are different from each other.

Bay Area Head Shop

This is the first store of Lucky Pierrot.
Swing seats or a wooden horse in the shop like being in the forest.
I'm sure you will remember your early days and you were having a fun time.
Please make your stomach and also your heart full .

Tougesita General Head Shop

Tougeshita General Head Shop

About 990 ㎡ log house style building on the land of about 9900 ㎡.
Theme park restaurant with “bird watching pavilion”.
Merry-go-round, pond, pet goat "Yuki-chan" etc. Large-sized shop.
Nice illumination can be seen during the winter time from 6 o'clock to 8 o'clock.
Largest store in Southern Hokkaido. Relax and unwind with 208 seats and 145 car park spaces .

Marina Suehiro

Marina Suehiro

Fall in love with Hakodate! The sea is calling you! Offshore restaurant.
Best and wonderful view of the ocean.
2 minutes walking from Bay Area Head Shop.
Hakodate's most attractive Bay Area Zone.
Opened as the 17th shop next to "Blue Moon".

Spaciously relaxing 154 seats.