I am full of good LUCKY PIERROT. My heart is filled with good LUCKY PIERROT.


Number 1 (most popular): Chinese Chicken Burger

When visitors came, my mother often welcomed them with chicken dishes.
That mother's best dish and American born burgers “got married”, and a wonderful child was born. In the blink of an eye, it became the No.1 most popular in our restaurant. I would also like to welcome our valued customers to try this Chinese Chicken Burger like my mother did for our guests

Number 2 (most popular): Lucky Egg Burger

When I was small, I looked forward to going out to a Western restaurant in our neighbourhood with my family. My favourite classic dish was Hamburger Steak like many other kids in Japan today.
Always, a fried egg was on top of the Hamburger Steak. I remember it like yesterday that I was blowing on the hot dish to cool it and the dish made me so absolutely full and happy.
I can’t resist Hamburger Steak even now and I don’t feel right if the Hamburger Steak is without fried eggs on top.

Lucky egg burger is 330g in weight.

Number 3 (most popular): Pork Cutlet Burger

My father was fashionable, loved coffee, a smoker, and he loved to go to the café everyday.
He took me to the café occasionally and he said, “You can order what ever you like”. I always ordered a Pork Sandwich. "It made me feel like I am a gown up. Cutlet and bread is the taste of my father.

Number 4 (most popular): Lucky Cheese Burger

Our fourth most popular burger is the Lucky Cheese Burger. Melting cheese on hamburger steak is a classic! Always popular!


The Original Futoccho (Fat Man's) Burger

Please eat like an animal!!
Thick sliced tomato, lettuce, onion, croquette, cheese, 2 patties. Burger with the lot and a lot more! It is 18cm high!
Limited to 20 per restaurant per day.

Ebichiri (Prawns with chilli sauce) Burger

Everybody loves it!

Burger with a deep genuine flavour, and with full-fledged chilli!

Sweet and Sour Pork Burger

Classic of Chinese food.

Big chunky pieces of sweet and sour pork. Filled with deliciousness!

Hakodate Snow Burger

Our white sauce got its inspiration from the snow.
The meal includes French fries and onion rings. Very popular among Ladies!
Most popular set meal at our Bay Area shop


Chinese Chicken Curry

Our most popular dish! Enjoy the deliciousness!
Hakodate milk curry with plenty of Yamakawa Ranch's natural milk.
We have made this dish continuously for 31 years. More than 340,000 are sold every year!

Pork Cutlet Curry

The second most popular dish at our restaurant. A tremendous feast! We are always crazy for curry.
Curry makes us feel “GENKI” (Happy and Healthy in Japanese)!

Original Curry

Ridiculously tasty! Generational homemade elaborate local taste of hometown! Curry is our signature menu.
Each house has its own curry taste. Sometimes people miss your mother's curry.
I ate at famous Japanese curry shops all over Japan. But in the end I came to the conclusion your own mother's curry is the best. I made this curry by inspired by my mother’s curry.

Other menus

Original Lucky-Potato (French fries)

The masterpiece of Lucky Pierrot ! Don't miss it !
The most popular side menu. Original specialties that can only be tasted here.
Dip in demi-glaze sauce, white sauce and cheese sauce!
Enjoy it the Lucky Pierrot way!

Chinese Chicken Omelette Rice

Big, delicious, and insatiable full volume meal.
Four fresh eggs from Nanae-village. Fluffy eggs used.

Limited to the following restaurants: Tougesita, Marina Suehiro, Tokura, Shouwa, Akaigawa, Esashi, Hondori, Hokuto-inari, Front of Hakodate station, Mihara, Front of Hokkaido Unv., Front of Goryoukaku-Park, Matsukage, Jyuujigai-Ginza

Chinese Chicken Fried Noodles

National food of Japan. Don’t miss this if you are found of street food. Dig in to our fried noodles ! Fried on a very hot steel plate with two Chinese chicken pieces. Most popular dish on our fried noodles menu !

Limited to the following restaurants: Tougesita, Marina Suehiro, Tokura, Akaigawa, Esashi, Front of Hokkaido Unv.

Caramel Nuts Silk Soft Cream

Soft serve with a special rich taste and silky smooth texture. Superb soft ice-cream. Caramel Nuts Silk Soft Cream is No.1 on the soft cream menu.